About Me

I come from a small town in Oklahoma where the sky meets the land. While gorgeous to behold, it was also rather limiting in career opportunities. I took flight for adventure shortly after receiving my AA in art, spending six years in the Army as a designer. I got to know the world and in turn, the world got to know me. Living in Germany was easily one of the highlights of that chapter. While there, I discovered a passion for history. This passion consumed me and even today, rears its head in much of my work. After the Army, I returned to school, where I received my BFA. Now, I work in the corporate sector as a visual problem solver. When I’m not trying to save the world, one design at a time, I’m often sailing, or dreaming of it. I spent so much of my youth landlocked, I doubt if I’ll ever be able to leave the coast.

- Joseph Hein